Yesterday I finished up the new path; here’s what it looks like!

I should have taken more pictures of the work in progress, but I was in a rush. And I improvised a lot from material that came to hand, like any good permaculturalist.

First I arranged the marble scrap in a pleasing fashion. This involved some digging and smoothing with a trowel to sink the scraps into the path, but level with the surface and the borders. (Because some of the scraps had sharp-ish edges, I didn’t lay them on top of the stone dust, like a Japanese garden might.) Sometimes I went over to the failed path and dug up some more scraps.

Then I thought things would be dull if the path had no floral border, so I arranged logs from the woodpile in parallel along sides of the path, like planters, and then filled them with seafood compost. Then I broadcast Wildflower and Pollinator-attracting seed mixes from Fedco into the planters. Here’s the arrangement:

After that, I noticed that the path is neatly bracketed by rosa rugosa left and right at the entrance. The roses are happy and puting out green leaves, but they are still small, and the entrance seemed a little bare to me. So I moved in some great clumps of violet that had invaded the tomato patch and planted them in front of the roses.

Finally, I watered swept the path smooth and watered it down, watering the planters at the same time.

Of course, I’m lazy, so the path just peters out where I haven’t decided what to do:

Maybe I’ll figure out what next tomorrow; or maybe next year. For now, my new path is pleasant to look on, feels good on the feet, and provides practical access to the two new beds (and the compost). Life is good!