Here’s the decoration I’m thinking of adding: Flat scrap marble from a failed (overgrown) path in the front lawn (which I plan to replace; removing the path is the first step). This is just one piece; there would be more.

When I imagined doing this, I figured I’d have to sink the scrap marble into the stone dust somehow; but having put this stone down to see if I like the look of it, I remembered Japanese gardens, which have “stepping stones” on top of their paths. So maybe just arranging the scrap marble in a pleasing fashion will be better. And less work, too!

However, this path has a micro-climate challenge I should have foreseen: A neighbor’s Norway maple, now in flower and shedding its whirligigs. (They don’t show up well for the iPad’s miserably inadequate lens.) Will they seed themselves successfully in my path? Time will tell; but the whirligig season is not long.

More tomorrow, assuming tomorrow is not rainy.