Here is the site. The path will extend from the garden (top of the shot) to the sidewalk (bottom), with rosa rugosa on either side of the sidewalk end. There’s a partly hidden heap of bricks and stone that will turn into a border. (Being lazy, I dump randomly discovered stones or bricks where I’m ultimately going to use them, instead of storing them neatly somewhere).

I remove sod by slicing it into chunks with the sod cutter, levering the chunks loose with a garden trowel, banging the soil (and worms and occasional larvae) off of the chunk with the trowel, and tossing the resulting grass and root mat aside.

(The pile of roots looks like the matted hair of a dead animal. Ugh. I really don’t like lawns.)

Removing sod might not seem especially lazy, but grasses are tenacious, and I’d be very annoyed if I had to redo the path because grass was poking through it, or exfiltrating around its edges. That would be work.

Then I rake the soil smooth. Kinda smooth. The stone dust will pour onto the earth like a liquid and self-level, so I don’t worry about precision; we’re not laying bricks or fieldstone here!

Then I compress the soil by walking on it. We don’t want the soil settling or shifting too much, because then we’ll have to get out the wheelbarrow and add more stone dust to level the path out again. That would be work.

Total time: About two hours.

That’s the prep. Next, the border and the stone dust!