Here is a bean seedling that survived the low overnight temperature, even though I didn’t cover it with a drop cloth. Perhaps the predicted temperature wasn’t the real temperature. Perhaps I should only worry when there is an actual frost warning. Perhaps the nano-climate created by the jug itself is protection enough from the chill; I always place the handle end of the jug, which is not slit open, against the prevailing wind. However, I leave the slit round the rest of the jug untaped, unlike other practitioners, on the theory that exposure to the air acclimates the seedlings to the patch, as well as hardening them. That was what worried me. There’s hardening, and then there’s freezing!

Anyhow, one more night of this ridiculousness, and then we continue our progress toward spring.

Notice also how this jug exhibits the tendency for the first seedlings to emerge at the sides of the jug.

NOTE A lot of tinkering with this one sfter I pressed the publsh button..