Predicted temperatures at 5AM tomorrow. And after Summer in March, too! What a rollercoaster! And it’s going to be like this through Tuesday. Are we even going to make it to Memorial Day?

Anyhow, now that I’ve got seedlings, I don’t feel like risking all of them, so I’ve covered the milk jugs for tomatoes and cantaloupes, because they’re in the path of that nasty prevailing cold wind coming round the corner from the North.

I left the beans (a few of which have sprouted) and the squash (which have not sprouted) uncovered, partly out of laziness, partly because they’re more sheltered, and partly as a control. Also, looking on the bright side: Maybe the hulls of the squash seeds never cracked, and now’s their last chance!

Milk jugs work like little greenhouses, for sure, but not when February comes in April!