I know I’m always on about the paths, probably more than they deserve, but they’re a big thing to me: Walking on sun-warmed stone dust paths is such a pleasure, and what is gardening about besides pleasure? I suppose that’s the basic aesthetic of an “English garden,” which I am told this garden is.

Walking on stone dust is better than walking on a sandy beach, because on the beach your feet sink, so every step meets resistance. But your feet don’t sink in stone dust, so all you feel on your soles is texture giving warmth. Quite a motivator to get out there!

Notice also that there are no weeds poking up out of the paths, and no seeds took root in them. So far so good! (It’s all in the double layer of non-woven material underneath. Here is a brief explanation of the technique. If I can, I’ll put in more paths this year, and post on how it’s done with pictures.)

Wow, I just saw a float-plane fly by out the kitchen window. I guess it really is spring!