This impressive noise pulled me out of the chaise lounge; half a block away, on the other side of the street, the Water Department was performing its Annual Flushing of the Pipes:

So there it all goes. Chucking and sparkly! I kept thinking how dry things are right now, and how much the garden would have appreciated that water. If this were a third world country, people would be taking that clean water away in whatever containers they had!

And a neighbor suggested that one reason the milk jugs have seemed a little behind — though perhaps I worry too much; seedlings, especially squash, generally sprout immediately after one gives up on them — was the lack of rain. Though perhaps I’m ahead, because the weather and/or the climate is so goofy.

And indeed the leaf mulch is very, very dry; it’s no longer a deep brown color, as it was in the winter, and it crackles when I walk on it.* The leaves and the newspapers are even starting to blow away in the wind! I could bring out the hose and water the garden, I suppose, but that would be work. Work that sheet mulch is meant to prevent!

NOTE * Actually, one should put weight on the soil, and therefore I should never walk on the beds. My soil is lovely and soft, and I should make every effort to keep it that way.