Well, pole bean, singular. But still!

Here we see the same cracks in the soil inside the milk jug that we’ve seen outside, in the beds; I’m guessing cracks open up in the final stage of the freeze/thaw cycle, after the frost beneath the soil has disappeared completely, since since ice takes up more volume than water. That final cycle, or the cycle previous, will also have cracked the hulls of any seeds in the soil, initiating germination. Then water, air, and above all sunlight penetrate the cracks, so it’s natural that seeds would sprout there. Just a guess! Or a good story.

Also, a what looks like an evil Norway Maple seed blew into the jug through the slit in the side. These beans are going to be acclimated to their environment for sure!

This time, I centered the iPad’s camera lens right on the pour hole, right where the cap would be, so I could get a 360° birds-eye view of the interior. In Skitch, I added a circle to signal the view was from the top; I don’t know if that was successful or not.