A cantaloupe!

In the pico-climate of the jug, the seed closest to the sun sprouted first. Surprise! Also, because cantaloupes don’t like cold, I had taped up the slits in the side of the jug, which I’m sure kept the jug warmer (though I suppose if I wanted to be obsessive, I’d check with a soil thermometer).

Planting details are on the side of the jug. Here is the nano-climate of the bed:

The bed is the warmest bed in the garden. It catches the afternoon sun, which reflects off the side of the house on to the soil. The house foundation (brick) is a heat sink.

Anyhow, more milk jugs have sprouted too, which I will record later. I was getting worried: Will the milk jugs fail this year? And what with Summer in March followed by snow followed by cold and damp, I was completely discombulated. But the vegetables weren’t! It’s a good thing they’re smarter than I am.