And it really is raining, which means that the Fire Weather Advisory in Hancock County can be lifted. (No snow pack; spring tinder.) That’s a good thing.

This image doesn’t show the rain, although as I framed the shot I could see the bud on the screen tremble as rain drops struck it — something I would never have noticed with my eyes alone.

My real purpose was to understand the limits of the iPad 2’s comera better, since I expect to be shooting close-ups of vegetation in the coming months. This shot is about the best I can do. I used Camera Boost for a software zoom, and Photo Toaster to sharpen the image. I don’t know if you’d call the image of the bud sharp, although the peeling paint I need to work on seems sharp enough (unless that sharpness comes from the gaff of a guilty conscience).

I guess I’d really be able to tell the iPad’s camera where to focus by tapping on the screen.

And now it’s sunny!

UPDATE Now cloudy.

UPDATE Now sunny.