Yes, snow showers! But nothing stuck, and then the snow turned to very light mist. I feel I’ve taken at least one too many pictures of wet leaf mulch, so I went looking, and found that my columbines were risen. These are very happy columbines, that spread from seed year after year. The bed is not the best soil, being next to the sidewalk and therefore vulnerable to snow grunge, and they don’t get sheet mulched either, but they get sun after noon.

I like columbines because they’re invasive! Though to be fair, they are very beautiful; with their long spurs and pleated blooms, they look like graceful, leggy ballerinas — as in the Dr. Doolittle books, where Dab Dab the duck played the part of Columbine in a pantomime:

So, the photo is proof positive that the iPad 2 camera does not do close-ups all that well; and that even the most mediocre photographer, with the most inferior equipment, can spot the “droplet within the petals” cliche!