Literally! Because sheet mulching with newspapers does just that: It covers the garden with words. Maybe that’s why I like to use newspapers and not cardboard or leaves.

Except the raspberry patch pictured here I never did sheet mulch, so where that upside down “of” came from — word, sentence, or page — I don’t know. Except that it came from somewhere else.

In the growing season, these beds I covered with seafood compost, and over that I laid down long cut grass from the remaining lawn-like areas. (I don’t use a mower because that’s too much like work; instead, I let the grass grow long and cut big swatches of it with garden shears for green manure and a light block, both together). The raspberries were happy, and the weeds were well controlled (though you can see evil Norway Maple seed pods trying to gatecrash by hiding in the straw). The straw I laid down at the end of the season, along with leaves.

And now it’s spring again, and here come the violets, poking up through the straw. And now I have to start buying the paper again!