This is my picture of the “little library” that I presented on at Maine Soup. I’m of two minds about roses: Roses would be pretty and welcoming. Except at Japanese beetle time. I’m told, however, that a soil amendment of mussel shells will weaken their chitinous mandibles, causing them to starve. Not very Buddhist, but dammit, they’ll be eating my roses (and blighting the raspberry leaves, as they did last year).

The library itself needs to be a permanent, water- and weathertight structure, that can be decorated, either with paint or art. It should have a door that opens and closes, transparent to show the books. It needs to be classy and not funky, so others adopt the idea.

* * *

This is my second Paper sketch ever. I tried to sketch some squash mounds, but I can see I don’t yet have the visual vocabulary to draw, well, gardens. Practice!