Last summer I got this cast-iron ladybug at Parks, and hid it away under the hostas. I like hiding little animals in the front flowergarden, because it’s close to the sidewalk, so I imagine pedestrians, and especially children, making a game of spotting the animals in the light and shade. And sometimes, I move the animals around….

Anyhow, at some point last fall the ladybug disappeared from its rock. And I assumed that a pedestrian had taken it; perhaps a minor trophy for a frat-boy, or sheer and hopefully random ill-will.

Well, the ladybug was there all the time. I don’t know how it got knocked off its rock — perhaps the plows from that very early first snow? — but that’s what must have happened.

So the world is a little bit brighter than I thought it was; and my eyes are a little bit worse than I thought they were.