I went to Maine Soup’s monthly meeting at the Bangor Grange Hall last night; here’s a shot of two of the organizers under the pretty lights , as they’re about to announce the skillful winner:

Like other soup groups across the country, Maine Soup offers an evening of mingling, eating soup and listening to local artists describe their projects in 2-3 minute presentations. Admission to the event is $5 which goes toward the pot of money that one lucky artist will win based on a voting process at the end of the night. Whether you have a project to fund or not, RSVPs are required and artists who do wish to present need to submit project proposals beforehand.

I tagged the organizers as “modest” because I can’t find their names on Maine Soup’s Facebook page. That seems right to me; Maine Soup seemed very much to be about inclusion and co-operation in a low-key and hard-working community where every starving artist is a star — without the celebrity connotation! Very Maine. Very Bangor Maine. Echt Maine, as my mother would say. Also, it’s fantastic that the Grange Hall is being used for a soup group, because the Grange has such a rich history, so appropriate for these times. Well worth the five bucks, especially since the money goes to help others.*

A better project won, but this was the project I pitched. It’s in the great Maine tradition of leaving free stuff by the side of the road:

The project part is in the square boxes: The FREE Vegetable stand and the FREE Little Library. I think this project would be good for the town, especially if other people in Orono start doing the same thing, because it would encourage a “gift economy.” Here’s a link to the “little library” project, which is an example of a gift economy, just like giving away free vegetables would be.

NOTE * I was, however, shocked, shocked to find out there would be no bingo!