Ridiculously early, I mean.

One theme this Spring has been instrumentation, so I thought I’d measure the lilac buds; then I can track their progress! But I think I need a better protocol: Holding the measuring tape (upside down) with my left hand and then holding the iPad up with the right, while clicking the on-screen shutter with my thumb* isn’t so easy, especially because the bright sun means I can’t really preview the shot on the screen. But I fire off half-a-dozen shots or so, and one of them is will be worth saving!

Oh, and I don’t put away the snow shovels, not only because they’re a contrasting background for lilac bud shots, but because such an act of hubris would anger the Snow Gods, and we’d get an April blizzard. That would be bad.

NOTE * Thank you, Apple, for moving the shutter release button for the camera app to the side of the screen. If button were still at the bottom, I wouldn’t be able to contort my thumb to get at it while awkwardly cradling and balancing the iPad in the cupped palm of my right hand! Maybe some clever person could work out how to use the mic jack for a shutter releas cable…