“We’ll pay for this!” is what Mainers say whenever anything good happens, if you define 70° F weather in the third week of March as good. Those lilac buds will pay for their temerity when a terrible snow storm comes in April — as they have! — and freezes everything.

Still, the insects and the plants and the birds and even the incredibly fat, the corpulent squirrels, the squirrels who can hardly drag themselves off the ground and into the trees: They are all acting like winter is over. Maybe they’re right!

Oh, and the lilac bushes are very happy in this spot; they’ve doubled in size in about two years, and are putting out new branches all the time. The sun is morning to late afternoon, but the soil is terrible: Hard clay and rock. Go figure!

Noting a confession: I tweaked the image slightly in Photoboost to make the buds stand out a bit more.