When the tide recedes, we get valuable shells, seaweed, drift glass, drift wood, broken netting, colorful buoys, messages in bottles… When the snow melts, we get a lot of dirt and litter, plus stuff we let drop or forgot about.

Winter litter like old receipts, lost mail, pizza boxes, crumpled paper. Beer bottles.

But treasures, too. I think I dropped those bricks and stones where I did because I was building a path; but then I decided to line the edges of the path with logs from the woodpile instead. So, what a find! I can use them to start my new paths. And I found a whole stash of bricks overgrown with moss in back of the barn.

The real treasure, though, is the sweet light. Even during this afternoon’s drizzle, this shot seems suffused with warmth. I don’t think that’s just from the red bricks or the yellow straw, but from the sun that’s moving closer and closer to the earth: The equinox at last.