Much as Alice in Wonderland “discovered” a dish by taking its lid off. Here’s one example:

As usual, when the snow melts, everything that was on top of the snow, or covered by the snow, or hidden under the snow re-appears, and a lot of it is detritus: Dirt and sand and salt thrown aside by the plows. I’m never sure what to do about plow grunge; it doesn’t look good, but maybe it doesn’t do any damage. This sinkhole is next to the iris bed and the raspberry patch, both of which did great last year. The Japanese beetles especially enjoyed the raspberries….

Anyhow, I don’t know where that sinkhole comes from because I don’t think there’s a water source. This year, I think I’m going to ask my neighbor if I can drag a big block of concrete I see on their property over here. Then I’ll shove the block into the sinkhole and balance an old concrete birdbath I found behind the barn on top of it.

Pollinators — whether birds or insects — like to have a water source to drink from (and not bathe in). Whatever attracts pollinators is good, I suppose though since the water would be still, I imagine I’ll need to set it in motion so mosquitoes don’t lay their eggs there.

Solar pumps sound like work, too much work for what I have in mind here. Maybe I could rig up something wind-driven? Like a whirligig?