Not used, as you can see, and for well over a decade. But my mother couldn’t take it down, and neither can I.

It’s placed behind the garden on a slope in a good spot: Sheltered from the wind, with morning sun. The main entrance (out of the shot) faces east. The top entrance circulates air through the hive. I’m not sure why the bees would need (red) orientation strip; maybe in the afternoon and at dusk, with no sun, there’s not enough contrast for the bees to orient themselves.

In times past, a stream of golden bees would whizz overhead, over the garden and across the street to a huge stand of goldenrod in a wetland, and then back.

No longer; I don’t have the time to learn how to keep bees, and maybe the old-style Root old-style supers aren’t the right techology now. And I don’t need a hive for pollinators, because I know how to attract them.

Still, I wish I knew a local beekeeper who’d drop off a hive in the spring, and then pick it up in the fall; but beekeepers don’t seem as thick on the ground as they used to be; they too are gone.