Here’s the old setup at right. The wire-mesh compost bin worked fine for weeds, leaves, stems, vines, but didn’t work so well for kitchen scraps. Especially when the snow has melted, the compost bin looked like a pile of garbage. Not only did vegetables spill out from the mesh, the bin was so unsightly it could have given rise to comment by those passing by on the street. Worst of all, the spilled vegetables could attract critters, especially as it gets warmer.

It's still winter, and the compost pile is frozen solid. (Probably that means I'm not a very good composter, but let that pass.) So a new and better bin is out, because I can't afford to rent the jackhammer to break up the pile. What to do? After a little research, I discovered the GeoSystems GeoBin Composting System, which is a sheet of sturdy black plastic with holes in it to aerate the compost. You're meant to form the sheet into a cylinder and stake it into the ground. Not on, since the ground is still frozen, so instead I wrapped the plastic around the mesh bin in situ, and then tied it tight with weatherproof braided nylon cord.

Problem solved! No spillage, no comments from the town, and no critter access.

As a bonus, notice the light on the bin! It's a bank shot from the western sun off the side of the house.