I planted honeysuckle vines around the fenceposts to attract pollinators, and also because they’re pretty and smell nice.

And I put the fence up to prevent woodchucks from getting into the garden, because a single woodchuck can destroy an entire garden in a day. And at harvest season, too, when they’re fattening themselves up for hibernation. I buried the fence in trench of gravel, because I knew woodchucks could dig, but I only made it a couple of feet tall, because I didn’t know woodchucks can climb.

So, one afternoon last summer, when I caught the woodchuck sunning itself in the clover right by the fence — see the site logo, above — I panicked and bought the makings of an electric fence: Battery, copper grounding pole, tape, clips, and all.

What I didn’t know: If I run the tape along the fence, the honeysuckle can short out the tape. That’s why horse farms — the fence is powerful enough to stop a horse, so I imagine it will deal with a woodchuck — keep the swath of grass under their electric fences cropped and clear of weeds.

So, what to do? Perhaps the best thing to do is nothing. After all, the woodchuck didn’t devour the garden last year; I think it was too busy eating tasty, fresh clover. (Rather like salad greens for us, I imagine.)