I don’t post much on iPad tech because my use case is so very simple: Take a picture of my garden using the iPad camera, annotate via Skitch, mail the pic to myself, fire up a browser on a big machine, grab the pic, write the post. Rinse, repeat. The hard parts aren’t technical, unless you think of gardening and writing as technical, which I suppose they are, actually.

But anyhow, “There’s an app for that!” leaves me cold.

So this morning, taking pictures of fresh snow in bright sun, I discovered I couldn’t see the screen at all (or, rather, saw a reflection of my own face in the screen). Makes in-camera cropping hard! (I don’t like to crop. Cropping is work.) So I ended up firing off a ton of shots, just to make sure I got one that I wanted. Not that I worry about running out of film, but it’s easier to scroll through five shots than fifty. (I don’t like to scroll. Scrolling is work.)

Now, if I wanted the iPad screen to function the same way as the ground glass of a view camera, I could stick it up on a tripod and cover my head and the screen with a hood.

Or maybe get an iPad-sized polarizing sheet, trim the sheet to size, take off the (awesome, milspec) Griffin Survivor armor case, lay the sheet down on the iPad screen, and put the case back on?

If I wanted any apps, this looks like a good site. But I don’t think I want any.

No apps, please. I’m luddite!