Here’s a path between beds collecting rain water in the February thaw (40° F today; time for March to shut this down!) And here’s a video:


Versailles Gardens in WinterI’m of two minds about paths. Stone dust paths are great in June and July; I love the warm feel on the soles of my bare feet. But by August, the squash and the tomatoes will have overgrown everything, including the paths and each other. And stone dust paths are stone, so they don’t rot and contribute organic matter to the soil. Also, they’re work because seeds catch in the stone dust and sprout, and then the path either needs to be weeded, or left to become over-grown. (This year, I’m going to try to do what I promised myself to do last year; kill weeds in the stone dust paths with boiling water.) Bark mulch paths, like this one, do rot. And they do collect water and cycle it into the soil, as the photo and the video show. But I think they’re ugly and I don’t like to walk on them. So, for next year, the Versailles look is the look for me: Stone dust paths everywhere!