The very second and very first videos from my iPad.

The second video in time comes first in this space from a transparent attempt to boost hits into double digits; it’s a much better video. You can actually see and hear the drips! #2:


Excerpt #2 is from the house next door. From the property, here’s the foundation of the barn in back of the garden. #1:


Drips, too, but not so loud (and weeds acting like tiny windsocks). And a soak, not a tiny pool.

Why the differences? The drips in #2 come off a flat roof, where there’s a lot of snow pack, and so a lot of melt. The drips in #1 come from a pitched roof facing the sun, so there’s not so much snow to begin with, and most of it’s already gone.

What’s frustrating is all that water not feeding plants; pure waste, since I don’t garden down back by the barn; the light’s too bad.

PRODUCTION NOTE Sometimes the iPad is almost too minimalist. I could easily get photos out of the iPad to this blog because Skitch has a very visible toolbar with a button to email the image that’s open. But not videos. The Photo app, which catalogs videos as well as photos, doesn’t have a visible toolbar, so I went round and round in the dreaded Apple ID verification loop, trying to put the videos up into the cloud so I could get them out of the cloud down the WordPress edit box … Until I accidentally tapped near the top of an image, whereupon a toolbar appeared. With a button that lets me send a video to YouTube, whence it can be scaled and embedded here. Now to find an app that annotates like YouTube, but from the iPad.

Also, the Griffin Survivor armor case is awesome. I put the iPad right under the the drips, and the case protected it fine. I don’t think I’d want to dunk it, though…